Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Related Code Kft. ("we," "us," or "our") collects, uses, and protects the personal information of users ("you" or "your") when you access and use the FictionGPT website ("the Service") available at domain. By using the Service, you agree to the terms and practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Use

To access and use the Service, you must be a registered user and at least 18 years old. You can sign up or log in using your email and password or your Google account. If you choose email/password authentication, we will also require your full name.

We only collect the minimum necessary personal data, which includes your email address and full name. We do not collect any additional personal information unless required by law. We will never share this personal data with third parties except as necessary to comply with applicable laws.

Firebase Authentication and Firestore Database

We use Firebase Authentication, a Google product, for user authentication. Your authentication data is securely stored and managed by Firebase. For more information on how Firebase handles user data, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

User-entered and GPT API-generated data are stored in Firebase's Firestore Database, ensuring data security and integrity. Firebase may collect certain data related to your activity on the Service, as outlined in their Privacy Policy.

Free Service and Credits

Registered users can access the Service for free, but with certain limitations on usage time. If you wish to extend your usage beyond these limits, you will need to purchase credits.

For payment processing, we utilize Stripe, a secure and trusted payment platform. Stripe may require additional personal information to complete transactions. We do not share any payment-related personal data with third parties, except as required by law, such as tax obligations.

Transfer of User-Entered Information

We integrate several advanced AI technologies, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, and Mistral APIs, to enhance the capabilities of our Service. These technologies assist in content generation and provide personalized user experiences.


We utilize OpenAI's API to generate detailed responses and content. OpenAI prioritizes the privacy and security of your data. For more information on OpenAI's data handling practices, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

Anthropic API

Similarly, we employ the Anthropic API to enhance response generation and personalization features. Anthropic is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of user data. For detailed information on how Anthropic processes and protects user data, please visit their Privacy Policy.

Cohere API

Cohere's API is also integrated to provide robust language processing capabilities. Cohere is committed to safeguarding your personal information. For specifics on Cohere's data management practices, refer to their Privacy Policy.

Mistral API

We also integrate the Mistral API to further enhance the capabilities of our Service. Mistral's technology contributes to content generation and provides personalized user experiences. Mistral prioritizes the privacy and security of your data. For more information on Mistral's data handling practices, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

By using our Service, you consent to the processing of your data by these APIs as described in their respective privacy policies.

Error Tracking and Performance Monitoring

We use Sentry for error monitoring and performance tracking to ensure our Service runs smoothly and any issues are promptly addressed. Sentry may collect certain data related to application errors, performance issues, and user interactions with our Service. This data helps us to debug, improve, and maintain the quality of our Service.

For more information on how Sentry handles user data, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

Website Hosting and Analytics

Our website is hosted on Vercel, a reliable hosting service. Vercel may collect certain data for analytics purposes. Please note that Vercel analytics may utilize cookies to track user activity. We do not use any cookies on our website.

Our Private API is hosted on DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean provides secure and scalable infrastructure for our API services. DigitalOcean may collect certain data related to server performance, network activity, and user interactions with our API.

Data Retention and Deletion

We retain your personal data only as long as necessary to provide our Service or as required by law. Typically, this includes data such as your email, full name, and any user-generated content.

If you deactivate your account, we will delete your personal data within a reasonable time unless we are required to retain it for legal reasons. Any payment information processed by Stripe is retained according to Stripe's policies.

You can request the deletion of your data at any time by contacting us at We will comply with your request unless we are legally obligated to retain the data.

For any questions regarding data retention and deletion, please contact us.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal information, please contact us at:

  • Related Code Kft.
  • Address: 1054 Hungary, Budapest, HonvĂ©d utca 8. I/2.
  • Email:

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and any changes will be posted on this page.

Last updated: 14 Jun 2024